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Programmes to transform teens and young adults mental health



Free to be Free from Anxiety

A powerful programme to empower, educate and inspire teens and young adults to understand anxiety and transform it to be happy and free to be themselves.


Many young people are feeling uncertain, worrying, nervous and they don't understand their emotions or how to change them. These feelings affect many aspects of their lives at school, home and socially.


Imagine what it would be like for your teen to:


  • Believe in themselves more

  • Feel happier and more in control of their emotions instead of letting their emotions control them

  • Learn powerful tools they can use for life


Free to be Free from Anxiety has been designed by our team of highly experienced hypnotherapists, coaches and holistic therapists to help educate, empower and inspire your teen to be free and happy to be their best selves.

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We are offering this programme at a special price for £49

(Original Price £179)